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How To Flash SPD Android Devices Using Research Download or Upgrade Download Tool

This is a tutorial on How To Flash SPD Android Devices Using ResearchDownload or UpgradeDownload Tool.

Important Notes:

[*Battery should at least be 50% charged.

[*] It is always advisable to backup the Stock ROM (Firmware) of the device you are about to flash unless the device is completely dead (can't power on).

==>> Learn how to backup Stock ROMs (Firmware's) Before flashing from here

[*] Take a Backup of your personal data before flashing or installing any Stock ROM (Firmware) or Flash file on your smartphone. As this helps you to recover the personal data when ever any thing wrong happens.

[*] Make sure you read & follow this tips & guides before you completely proceed to flashing your device. This tips are very important to be ignored.


  1. Download & extract the Stock ROM (Firmware) on your computer.
  2. Install the USB Drivers (skip this step if drivers are already installed).
  3. Download ResearchDownload or UpgradeDownload Tool from here.
  4. Extract.
  5. Launch the ResearchDownload or UpgradeDownload Tool.
  6. Click on the Settings-like button above Port.
  7. Select the device Stock ROM/FIRMWARE.
  8. Click on the start button.
  9. Connect your device holding > Volume + & Volume - Button of your device together
  10. Patiently wait for the progress complete.
  11. When it displays [Removed] Passed Disconnect device.
  12. Reinsert your device battery and Power on.

Most ROMs are pac files
If the ROM is not a pac file, Simply launch the ResearchDownload.exe inside the extracted folder, start and connect device.

 Follow the Screenshots or read the tutorials above

=>> Spreadtrum upgrade tool is used to flash roms in pac format. If you want to flash roms with scatter files, use sp flash tool

=>> Learn how to flash SPD Android devices using Miracle Box from here

Flashing will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

Please Leave a comment after using this Tutorials
Report if you cannot do this.


  1. Please help... Explain in detail where you'll press the 2 volume buttons. I've tried everything it doesn't pass...

    1. after selecting the .pac file, click on start button > hold the device volume - & volume + button together > plug in your usb cord and patiently wait for device to connect.

    2. I've done that but i don't know whether my phone fits your criteria. I use an xtouch e1. it only charges when you insert the usb cord after pressing volumeUp+volumeDown together. Thanks anyway and i'm still open to suggestions

    3. download and install spreadtrum android drivers to your pc, reboot pc after installation, try the steps again using upgradedownload tool or miracle box... if the problem persist then you need to seek a hardware engineer (your device usb port can only charge but it can't connect to pc).....Always feel free to drop your comments.

  2. can i hev a link where i can download the pac files(firmwares) for the SPD phones

    1. Click here to download SPD Stock ROM (Firmware's)

  3. pls i need spd rom fo infinx hot 4 x557 fake with spd processor


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