Thursday, September 29, 2016

'Ghost Push': An Un-Installable Android Virus Infecting 600,000+ Users Per Day

Recently, terms like 'Monkey test' and ‘Time service’ have become a trending topic in the Android community. More and more users have reported that it's nearly impossible to get rid of these two apps. After days of research, experts of the CM Security Research Lab successfully discovered the source of the problem, a virus called ‘Ghost Push.’

Disguised as legitimate applications, malware which contains ‘Ghost Push’ could spread itself widely via commercial SDK or browser ads. This is the most widespread and infectious virus we've currently seen. So far, ‘Ghost Push’ has affected 14,847 phone types and 3,658 brands. This virus will install unwanted and annoying apps on your phone and cannot be removed easily even by doing a factory reset or using normal antivirus software.
According to monitoring results from CM Security Research Lab, over 600,000 android users have been affected within a single day. It's mainly spreaded through Europe, Russia, the Middle East region, and southern China.

If your phone gets the virus, it will automatically gain the highest authority and be able to root your device, and download apps like ‘Monkey test’ or ‘Time service’ without your permission. This behavior will not only make your phone slow and drain your battery, but it will also consume lots of cellular data. With 'Ghost Push' on your phone, it will be able to do whatever it likes--using that root access.

As of now, we've discovered 39 infected apps that contain ‘Ghost Push’ which are as follows:

WiFi EnhancerPinkyGirlsWordLockSettingServiceSex Cademy
TimeServiceXVideo Codec PackFast Boosterboom pigiVideo
Indian Sexy Stories 2AmazonTalking Tom 3WhatsWifiFruit Slots
Assistive TouchHubii NewsPhoto CleanHot VideoWifi Speeder
Accurate CompassitouchSuper MarioLemon BrowserWiFi FTP
All-star Fruit SlashLight BrowserSmartFolderMultifunction FlashlightIce Browser
Happy FishingXVideoSimple FlashlightAssistive TouchPronClub
MonkeyTestMemory BoosterDaily RacingHot Girls

So how can we get rid of it?
Clean Master and CM Security can now detect the infection. CM Security Research Lab is also currently developing a toolkit aimed specifically at ‘Ghost Push’ removal, which will keep your phone safe.
Get the tool and protect your phone now!

The best and most preferable way of getting rid of this 'Ghost Push' Virus is By Flashing
Flashing: Which simply means loading your device with a new Software, Stock ROM or Firmware

=>> Learn how to flash MediaTek (mtk) Android devices from here
=>> Learn how to flash Spreadtrum (spd) Android devices from here 

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