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How To Format MTK Android Devices Using Volcano Box

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Today, i will show you some tips on how to format MTK Android device using Volcano Box.

After you have successfully flash an MTK Android device with a new Stock ROM, you will need to perform a hardreset. In the process of wiping user data it shows ....Wiping data.. Mount/data error! This is what you need to do.

This problem mostly happens to TECNO H5, H7, M3 etc...

you will need to format that MTK android device using Volcano Box.

  • Download volcano box tool here
  • Select MTK
  • Click on Built-in Boot_Auto and select chip e.g Built-in Boot 16(v7.1524)(65xx/81xx_Android)
  • Tick Format
  • Tick Quick Read NAND
  • Tick USB mode (when you are using a USB cable)
  • Tick Auto-detect Pinouts (when you are using volcano pinout cable)
  • Click on the "Run" button, this will appear >>
Do you read Full Flash from this phone as backup?
We Strongly recommend you Before do any thing Read Full Flash from phone.

Do you want to Continue?

                                         YES         NO
  • Click Yes
  • A Format option will be displayed Click "Auto" (meaning Auto Format)
  • Connect device >> holding volume + and volume - button of your device or holding power button only
  • Once device is connected, Format begins
  • Patiently wait while the process completes
Format addr:0x176A0000 --Format length:0x7F20000
Format range: Start Address: 0x176A0000,Format Length:0x7F20000
>>Flash erasing complete!


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