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The Web Site www.romshillzz.com is an online information service provided by free Mobile Phone Stock ROMs · Firmwares · Tools & Tutorials. 

Brief history of RomShillzz
This website was created on the 1st of January 2016 by Opara Cephas Ukachukwu know as RomShillzz.


I was inspired to create a website like this long ago until 2016 it came to reality. What really inspired me was to help people all over the world. Back then people hardly download flash files (Firmware's & Stock ROMs) online because of the slow network (that's when 2G Network was the only available Network and the 3G & 4G Network you use today has not been introduced). People do buy flash files for large sum of money then because downloading them with the 2G Network means the whole day (Smiles!). Although i have much experience in phone flashing and was supported by my elder brother popularly known as CoAsTalz back then in 2008 ...much love bro! The Good thing is that i learnt all this using boxes. As for then, i knew nothing like cracked version of boxes and till date i never loved using them because the have much limitation compared to their boxes.

Below are some of the boxes i have used:

  • JAF Box (As for then this was the powerful Nokia Box)
  • Hawk Box (As for then this was the powerful Nokia Box)
  • Spiderman Box (As for then this was the powerful Chinese Box)
  • SL- Box (As for then this was the powerful Samsung Box)
  • Infinity Best Dongle (This is also another powerful Nokia Box)
  • Cyclone Box (This is also another powerful Nokia Box)
  • GPG Dragon Box (This is also another powerful Chinese Box)
  • Set-Tool Box (This is also another powerful Sonny Ericson Box)
  • Octupus Box (This is also another powerful LG Box)
  • Z3X Box (This is also another powerful Samsung Box)
  • Volcano Box (This is also another powerful Chinese Box)
  • Miracle Box (For Now this is the Best powerful Chinese Box)

Flashing Boxes
I do veil them with masking tape to avoid scratch so that when unveiled the still look good

One thing special about all this boxes is that they have their own unique features.

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Our Mission
To provide all Mobile Phone Stock ROMs, Firmware's, Flash Files, Tools & Tutorials free of cost.
To see that the website www.romshillzz.com puts smiles on your faces.

Our Vision
To see the [romshillzz] name on every Stock ROM, Firmware, Flash File, Tools & Tutorials on your PC.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to CoAsTaLz
Special thanks to my Mum who always scold me to bed at night
A very big special thanks you all we couldn't have done it without you, even if we'd tried. Though your efforts we could never repay, we have this one thing to say: you've made all the difference in every way!

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                         Twitter @romshillzz

                         Email: romshillzz@gmail.com

Donation of any kind is acceptable.


Admin: RomShillzz 2017.

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  1. Dupe! you are really a Genius!!! I love your good works.


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